サポーター: あきよ



Supporter: Akiyo

Akiyo has experience doing charity work, and was a sponsor for Cycling for Charity for both the 1st and 2nd projects.  For last year's project, she came to Kyushu to cheer us on!  She will join the 3rd project as a supporter for one of the weeks.

サポーター: みき


Supporter: Miki

She participated as a sponsor in previous Cycling For Charity projects, and will be participating this year as a project member, driver and photographer. She is always full of positive energy, and will surely have a positive impact on this year’s team!

サポーター: こまき


Supporter: Komaki

Komaki teaches photography, kimono, sushi roll decoration, and also enjoys ballet lessons and traveling.  She is super active, and has been a sponsor for the project over the past two years. This year, she will join as a photographer. Please look forward to seeing some wonderful photos from Hokkaido!

サポーター: じゅんいち


Supporter: Junichi

​Junichi used to run races with Yosuke years ago, as well as play in the same basketball team for several years.  He was a sponsor for Cycling for Charity, but will be joining the journey this year in Hokkaido.

サポーター&チャリダー: ひろ


Supporter&Charity Cyclist: Hiro

He has several years experience as a cyclists, but Hiro will be joining this year's project as a supporter.  He will be driving home the van from the finish line in Hokkaido, all the way to Tokyo.  He is full of humor, and will surely make the drive back to Tokyo fun!

サポーター: くれない

スキー教師、障害者スポーツ指導員。 ダウンリバーカヤックを教えていたときにパラスポーツに出会い、アダプテッドスキー指導もしている。 聞こえの不自由な人に音声を文字で伝える要約筆記通訳者としても活動中。このプロジェクトでは北海道区間のサポーターとして参加。

Supporter: Kurenai

Kurenai is a ski and disabled sports instructor. When teaching down-river kayak, she encountered para-sports and she also teaches adapted ski. She is also an abstract writing interpreter who communicates through letters to disabled people. In the Cycling For Charity project she will participate as a supporter in Hokkaido.

サポーター: ゆき


Supporter: Yuki

Yuki is a yoga and core conditioning instructor.  She is trying new ways to care tune the body and mind through aroma therapy and bodyworks.  In addition to volunteering as a grief care supporter, she has started practicing as an escort runner.  In the Cycling For Charity project she will participate as a supporter in Hokkaido.