Photo from the first "Cycling for Charity" in July 2015


Cycling for Charity

Cycling for Charity​

Through our cycling projects, we raise awareness of social and education gaps facing children, and raise money from sponsors to provide support to children.

2015: 536 kilometers (335 miles) from Tokyo to Tohoku

2016: 1049 kilometers (656 miles) from Nagasaki to Kobe

2017: 2,551 kilometers (1,594 miles) from Tokyo to Hokkaido(Memanbetsu)

2018: 2,879 kilometers (1,800 miles) from Tokyo to Hokkaido(Nakashibetsu)

We have donated over $90,000 in the first 4 projects to NPO's/programs that support education for under-privileged children.

For the 2018 project, we will donate to the following NPO's and program:

 NPO Bridge For Smile (Link)

 NPO Living in Peace "Children's Project" (Link)

 Building Bridges for Children: Development program for socially

   disadvantaged youth (Link)

Cycling For Charity 2018: From Tokyo to Hokkaido

Media Coverage 

2017/12/12: Was awarded winner of the 20th "Philanthropist Award" by the Japan Philanthropic Association.

2017/11/16:Shimano's Cyclingood published an article about our project:

 "Ripple Effect of contributing to society through what you enjoy"

2017/06/13:IT Media Introduced our project as an example of how people can contribute to society: Blog Link

2017/06/12: CYCLE covered our project including photos from our press conference and teaming building dinner: CYCLE Link

2017/04/24: Project is introduced in one of the major cycling magazines: