プロジェクトリーダー & チャリティ・チャリダー: ようすけ



Project Leader & Charity Cyclist: Yosuke

Yosuke loved sports growing up, especially soccer and basketball.  2013 was the year when he bought his first cross-bike, and realized how fun cycling can be, and have been an avid weekend cyclist since.  In the summer of 2015, Yosuke decided to do his first solo cycling trip and launched the "Cycling for Charity" project.

チャリティ・チャリダー: カルロス


Charity Cyclist: Carlos

Carlos has always loved the outdoors. He trained for several weeks and flew from the US to join the 2016 trip.  He rode 600 kilometers (375 miles) on his first long trip!

チャリティ・チャリダー: みなこ


Charity Cyclist: Minako

Minako has been a sponsor of Cycling for Charity from the first project in 2015.  She loves sports and the outdoors, and enjoys yoga, running and snowboarding.  She recently started cycling, and will be joining as a cyclist for this year’s Cycling for Charity.

チャリティ・チャリダー: りくお

4月から高校3年生。去年はカナダの自転車のチャリティイベントに参加。チャリティチャリ2016はスポンサーとして親と参加。 今年は日本でチャリダーとして長距離旅へ初チャレンジ。

Charity Cyclist: Rikuo

Rikuo is in his last year as a high school student.  Last year, he participated in a cycling charity event in Canada. This year, he will be joining as a cyclist for his first long distance bicycle trip.

チャリティ・チャリダー: きょうこ


Charity Cyclist: Kyoko

Kyoko has always liked sports and the outdoors, and was a lacrosse player as a university student.  She recently bought a Bianchi cross bike, and will be joining as a cyclist for this year’s Cycling for Charity.

チャリティ・チャリダー: ひろし&ゆうや


Charity Cyclists: Hiroshi and Yuya

Both father and son enjoy sports: father enjoys the morning jogs, and son plays soccer and karate. Parents were sponsors in the previous projects, but this year, father and son will train and ride as Charity Cyclists.



Charity Cyclists: Keith

In the past, Keith has been a part of several charity projects such as building houses for the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake. Keith met Yosuke as an intern and have always been interested in being a part of Cycling for Charity.

チャリティ・チャリダー: しょうた


Charity Cyclists: Shota

Shota has experience volunteering and working with children.  He was in the cycling club in his university, so he has always been interested in Cycling For Charity, and was a sponsor last year. He experienced cycling 2000km with his cycling club last year, so having him join the project is a huge boost for the team!

チャリティ・チャリダー: かずき


Charity Cyclists: Kazuki

Kazuki played water polo from junior high school all the way through university, and is using the stamina he built over the years in his most recent hobby, cycling.  He us currently working in the pharmaceutical industry, and hopes to make the lives of patients better through his work.  Through the Cycling For Charity project, he wants to make a positive impact to society.

チャリティ・チャリダー: マオール


Charity Cyclists: Maor

Maor use to compete in equestrian growing up, and started cycling a few years ago.  At one point, he was part of a cycling team.  Maor has experience working with children at summer camp, which got him interested in this project.  We expect him to bring lots of "youth power" to the second half of the project!