Trip #1: Cycling for Charity 2015 from Tokyo to Ishinomaki

After a 5 day solo journey under very hot conditions in late July, I was able to cycle 536.6 kilometers ( miles) from Tokyo to Minami-sanriku and to the final destination, Hiyoriyama Park in Ishinomaki, an area hit hard by the 2011 earthquake.   Thanks to the 93 sponsors, we were able to donate 633,066 yen (about US$6,000) to the two NPO's below:

1) March 2011 East Japan Earthquake Relief (Program run by the Tokyo YMCA)

2) Scholarship for children graduating from foster homes



1) 東日本大震災復興支援 (東京YMCAの支援活動に使われます)
2) 児童養護施設からの進学を応援する奨学金支援プロスラム「カナエール」

2015 Summer